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"FiveStar Safety Papers™"


Since the advancement in technology has increased in the past few years, color copiers, printers and software programs have become so sophisticated as to require the need for more security and protection of sensitive documents and printed promotional pieces.

FiveStar Safety Papers has done the technical work and security printing for you in creating a line of secure safety paper at a reasonable price that is sure to fit your needs. Now you will be able to produce...

Laser Checks • Birth Certificates • Diplomas • Medical Records • Security Passes • Training Manuals • Contracts • Gift Certificates • Prescription Pads • Sheet Music • Wills • Coupons • Legal Documents • School Transcripts • Tickets

...and the like with the assurance that your products will be safe from reproduction.

FiveStar Safety Papers minimum order for any of our stock patterns is 250 sheets of any one color or pattern as we cannot break packages. Most items will ship within 48 hours or less.

PLEASE NOTE: that while no safety paper is 100% secure, we feel that FiveStar Safety Papers is among the best available and we are continually striving to improve our designs to help fight unauthorized duplication as technology advances.