Illinois, Medicaid Approved Tamper Proof, Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads

We at Minute Man Printers, Inc. are a Security Printer, producing Tamper Proof Prescription Pads and EMR safety paper which are Medicaid Compliant. Our Prescription pads not only meet the three guidelines set forth by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) but exceed them.

Our High Security Prescription Pads contain up to 11 features that make them virtually impossible to duplicate and or modify, yet they are easily verifiable by the pharmacy as an original document.

List of Security Features

1. A Void/Copy Pantograph

2. A Thermochromatic Patch which lightens when rubbed or heated and darkens when cooled

3. Erasure protection

4. A Micro printed line which cannot be photocopied

5. A printed watermark

6. A batch number for tracking and control

7. Sequentially numbered for tracking and accountability

8. Solvent Reactive Properties

9. A reverse R/X pattern which cannot be photocopied

10. A quantity block to prevent quantity of the drug being changed

11. Coin reaction for easy verification

The watermark on the reverse side, the thermochromatic patch and the coin reaction are for the pharmacist to quickly and easily verify that the script is genuine.

We also manufacture a line of Safety Paper than can be used for Checks, Coupons, Gift Certificates, Legal Documents, School Transcript Paper, and just about any type of job that you want to keep secure.

Minute Man Printers, Inc. is a Pre-Approved Security Printer for the State Of California (#SP-140) for the production of controlled substance prescription pads. In addition, we are an Approved Security Printer for the production of Florida Medicaid Prescriptions (Code MMP). We are also an approved Security Printer for the State of Wyoming for controlled substance prescription pads.

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